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Mindprint Cognitive Assessments

I am excited to be offering the Mindprint evaluation.

Mindprint is an assessment that has been administered in educational settings for approximately 8 years. This cognitive assessment was developed at the Brain Behavior Lab at University of Pennsylvania Medical School where it continues to be used in research. Additionally, NASA uses the adult version to study cognition in space, which is a fun fact that students often like to hear.

I have recently completed training to administer Mindprint. The assessment can be completed in approximately one-hour from the student’s home. Following the assessment, validated strategies and tools based on the Mindprint findings are generated to support and direct student learning. Results can be shared with the child’s teacher, academic team, or help to determine the need for a full psychoeducation evaluation.

You can find more information about Mindprint here:

I am excited to offer this service for 225.00 to include the one hour session for administration (can be split into 2 sessions for kids who struggle with attention) and then a follow up session to share and interpret results.

The service is particularly helpful for:

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