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Maximizing Every Child's Learning Potential

Education planning, consultation, and advocacy
Education Planning
Direct Instruction
Transition Planning

Education Planning

Why consult?

Understanding a child’s unique learning needs is the foundation to creating a program in which they will best learn. The psychoeducational assessment can be confusing and overwhelming for parents and children. Understanding the assessment data is crucial to developing an effective learning plan.

Understanding this process and the choices that result will help all parties effectively advocate for and meet the needs of the child.

Direct Instruction

Why consult?

Individualized instruction focuses on meeting a child where they are and building in structures and supports to meet and exceed academic goals.

Transition Planning

Why consult?

Transitions are hard. Learning about and understanding the cycles of transition and the stages of grief that can be associated with this process can help to mitigate and manage the stresses associated with these changes.

Helping the child say goodbye to the environment they are leaving while building a bridge to their new environment can support this difficult process

What I do

I am here to help children and families seeking support when navigating the educational process.

3 Steps to Maximizing Your Child's Learning Potential


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About me:  Stephanie Sexton, PsyD, MSpEd

I have over 20 years of experience in education as a public school teacher in the United States as well as working in education in China, Brazil, and South Africa.

Five years ago,  I chose to study psychology because I wanted to understand more about the relationship between learning challenges and mental health.
It is critical to effective education planning and programming to have a clear understanding of the challenges and strengths of each individual.

I am interested in helping children and their families understand their unique learning needs. Approaching learning from a success mindset, rather than a deficit model will empower every learner. With individualized support, guidance, and advocacy, I can help children and their families maximize strengths to best succeed in the school setting. 

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