Education Consultant

Stephanie Sexton, PsyD, MSpEd
I understand the challenges of meeting unique learning, transition, and school placement needs both from a professional and parent perspective.

Throughout my career I have seen how mental health and learning struggles can be intertwined and connected. Making every attempt to understand the whole child and how their struggle may manifest through school work or behavior can help to create the most effective intervention to support the core needs which are sometimes not clearly evident. Using a strengths-based approach and perspective builds a foundation of positivity and self-confidence. Teaching children and families about the unique needs of their situation also creates a stronger platform for them to understand and advocate for their best interests in the future.


Doctorate of Psychology,

Dissertation topic – Third Culture Kids and their Transition Challenges to Higher Education, 2021

California Southern University, California, USA
Master of Arts degree – Special Education, mild/moderate needs, severe affective needs

University of Northern Colorado, Colorado, USA
Bachelor of Science degree – Elementary Education

Miami of Ohio, Ohio, USA


I have worked in education in the United States, China, Brazil and South Africa.

I found it fascinating to see the attitudes and approaches to education in different countries, and the similarities and differences between these attitudes and those in the US.

Another passion of mine is helping to shift the narrative for children living with perceived deficits like, ADHD or dyslexia. Understanding the strengths of how these children think can help to approach the skills from a success model, rather than a deficit approach. With individualized support, guidance, and advocacy, children and their families can maximize strengths to best succeed in the school setting.